Bring on the New Year!

It’s already 2. January – Happy New Year! I’m really floored over the speed we are flying through these years. This month both girls will celebrate their birthdays – 6 and 3. Gosh, we have a 6 year old and a 3 year old! I’m sure someone really is having fun with a time machine! – *poof* another year gone…


Out with the OLD, in with the NEW

2015 might be a HUGE year for me. It terrifies me. 2015 might bring;

BIG changes, BIG events, BIG challenges and facing off BIG fears. Ill need to tug on my BIG girl panties, breath in BIG, and blow out BIGGER to keep calm and power on through.

All I can do is hope my body will still be with me at the end of it.

My little check list is growing by the hour but ill have to be honest and real – not even half will be accomplished… Well well, ill just need to learn how to master holding back.





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